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I found these fish-shaped glass marbles in an exhibition about two years back. I fell in love with them instantly and bought ’em without even bothering about whether they were worth the price or not.  But they were’nt much and I brought them home and soon was showing it to anybody who would care to look. (The ones who did’nt care to look were forcefully ‘showed’)  Some excalimed in delight,  some said sweet things and some just shrugged and walked away… I realised it didnt create as much fascination in others as it did in me… I stared for long minutes at each of the marbles, as they captured light into their own shiny transparent bodies and played with it. I lost track of time as i felt them smooth and beautiful in my palm. And then, i packed it safely, put it in a cover and ‘forgot’ all about it!!! Yesterday, while pulling out an old hand mirror from my shelf, they escaped from the bag and tumbled onto the floor…instantly creating the same delight it had created two years back when I got them…  Here are a few images of  them glistening in the morning sun…

As I struggled with my Canon Power shot camera, fluttering curtains, swaying branches of trees and the fickle-minded sun, all adding to the problem of ‘lighting’, my fishes posed patiently on an empty sheet of white paper.  

And this lil guy here is my favourite out of the whole lot!



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I know it aint very wise to lean out from a moving train to take pictures. My mom would probably catch the next train to Chennai and pack me back home if she comes to know about it…  But tell me honestly how can you possibly resist these clouds?

travelling with the clouds

travelling with the clouds 1

Travelling with the clouds

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