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The moon is encircled by a bunch of hooligan clouds. It’s a silent sky. (Gnaw Gnaw) In the dark of the night, a form stirs. (Gnaw. Gnaw) It slithers from under the blanket and moves gently past the motionless bodies. A door creaks open. (Gnaw. Gnaw) The silhouette of a girl appears against the window, behind which is cackling an old worn out tube light. She moves gently and switches a machine on… (Gnaw. Gnaw)…

Me: “Oh stop chewing my head. Im up now, amnt I?”

Thoughton: “Are we gonna write then?”

Me: “Grrr… yes we are…”

Thoughton: “Oh how wonderful! Im gonna let the whole world know how cruelly you tried to kill me and drown me in the seas”

Me: “Yea whatever”

Thoughton: “And they’ll all be mad at you. Especially your dad. For having imprisoned me inside your head and tormenting me so…”

Me: “(Yawn) Man, really, don’t you ever just shut up? Do you realize its 2 in the morning?”

Thoughton: “No, sorry, for us in our world, there is no night nor day. We simply are…”

Me: “Yea, yea, I know… FreAks!!!”

There comes a time in every woman’s life, when she has to wake up from bed in the middle of the night and tend to things for the sake of her own sanity. No, im not talking about a baby or a husband, it’s my own ravaging mind. So here I am, after several weeks of shutting myself away from Thoughton, who was leisurely sipping away tender coconut water in the summer heat while I slaved like a dog, and is now turning against me and complaining about having imprisoned him inside my head.

It feels strange to know that at some point I didn’t even have a blog. That, even when a considerable chunk of city bred Indian kids were rambling away about their lives and thoughts, I was secretly jotting down dark and vile thoughts in a diary which I am now considering incinerating. Because now that I have a blog, not writing and checking it regularly feels odd. There is this strange sense of guilt, like having abandoned a hapless kid on the road, after promising it to return in a few minutes with milk and biscuits. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but you get my point? It really, really has been a painful separation from my darling Thoughton, who is er, right now, er, has gone back to sleep….

Ok never mind him. I shall start off from where I left and accept certain honors that were bestowed upon me. (a little late I am!!!)

It all started with Dphat, who very generously hammered down an award on my blog for being a blogger ‘extraordinaire’, he wrote. The buck was passed to several other bloggers.

But to receive the award, one needs to satisfy the following conditions:

a. List 10 honest truths about yourself.

b. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

Now two other bloggers, one miss Damsel and a certain lover of curd rice, for want of names on their list (I think), chose little ol me who was missing in action to feature on their list of 7 exceptional bloggers. Im not sure whether to think it as an honor or an insult anymore… But an award is an award. And since all of these bloggers are people who I nevertheless do admire, love and respect, I think I shall accept it and take the dare-to-bare-all test for this nifty icon: honest scrap

Here goes…

1. I have a habit of shaking my legs in sleep. It has left many people amused, many relatives gossiping and my mom seething in anger. The reason for this behavior is a certain dad, who in the initial days of his career, came home after night shifts to a wailing baby and a tired mother and found an ingenious way to restore peace and calm in the house- by ‘rocking’ the baby to sleep on his legs. The habit stuck. Both on the dad and on the baby. Now on lazy Sunday afternoons, we both ‘rock’ ourselves to sleep and wake amma from hers.

2.  Speaking of lazy Sunday afternoons, I love to lie down with my parents and read. That’s how the three of us end up on the same bed to doze off. Amma, with her book on her and the reading glasses off her nose. Achan, placing the book and his glasses gently beside him and lying in a straight position, and me curled up like a foetus between them with drool all over my book. Those few minutes are enough to dissolve the memory of all of the terrible times I’ve had with them in the past.

3.  I love mangoes. Raw and ripe ones alike, but cannot stand anything made from it or its preservative flavors. Meaning, I don’t like mango juice, mango flavored candies, shakes, ice-cream and the lot. Only just real mangoes.

4.  My two frontal teeth aren’t really real. I broke them when I was 10yrs old, when I picked a fight with my brother and he gave me a little shove to fend off my claws. I slipped and fell on the porch, head first, face down. Amma later showed me two tiny white chips before throwing it away, foiling my plans of preserving them in my pencil box.

5.  I love Chennai. Agreed it’s hot, it’s polluted and is not as happening as the other metro cities. But I suppose that is exactly what I like about this city. This perfect mix of the old and the new. And besides, where else on earth do you get the best of idly-sambhar?

6.  My first ambition in life was to become a postal stamp sealer.

7.  For many, it is the scratch of finger nails on the wall. For some it’s the screech of a chalk on the board. For me its coins. I cannot stand the sound of two coins rubbing against each other. It makes my teeth tingle in a very unpleasant way. And also metal spoons on steel plates. Brrrr….. !!!

8. I love to watch Animal planet, Discovery and Nat geo and can see em all day as long as they are not about gadgets or do not concern physics. I love shows on elephants and lions and everything about India. Also, documentaries of David Attenborough occupy a special place in my heart.

9. My first phone was the basic Nokia model 1100. I used and abused it for so long that I fell in love with it. I still use a basic model (cant remember the name), because I think there is simply no match for it. Its sheer will to survive in spite of the several nasty falls and near-to-death-experiences has won my heart. They made that phone for me!

10. I believe I was born at the right place, at the right time, to the right parents, and met the right people, and got into the right kinda shit, to make whatever is right for me, right now!

And now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 7 chosen ones:

  1. Poori: She has two blogs. One where she writes and the other where she uploads her crazy art creations. Now Im gonna choose her art blog here coz I love that unique bit of herself she leaves in random everyday things. She is not the regular artist who’d make you nice pretty wall hanging things, but rather grab your stole or shoes if she finds the fabric interesting and go crazy on em…My favorite is her ‘swampy shoes’ creation. Here is to an exceptionally honest soul, wild and crazy as the winds…!!
  2. Anju: I remember thinking ‘whacky’ when I first came across “the witch of la la land” for a blog name. I came across it a couple of times and continued to ignore it for reasons unknown. And then one day, I landed in that place anyway and discovered that it belonged to my junior from college, whom I had also once tried to drown in the sea! And this is the blog that I’d actually like you all to read. She has 5 blogs and all are like her- mysterious! Well, at least she doesn’t shove everything into one single blog like me!
  3. Deepa: She is a mother of a 6year old. Used to be a SEO writer before she quit her job to make paper-jewellery! She makes intricate pieces of absolutely stunning designs with paper. Her products are available in ‘Dakshin Chitra’ and ‘Vanilla place’ in Chennai and are slowly gaining popularity. Her blog is open to all to take a look at her products and place an order. I know for a fact that she is not going to respond to this award. But I want to feature her in here for the sake of all things art and all humans brave enough to follow their hearts. You can check out her blog to see her talent laden “10 fingers”.
  4. Mr.Editor: Mr.Editor is young, funny and well fun. He could be the ideal Raj of DDLJ, the wittily dumb, yet smart fellow who charms all the girls. But I don’t really know that. That’s just an image I have about him in my head. He is the kinda guy I’d push in front of a Yash Chopra or a Karan Johar for their next film. And he surely does deliver what he promises- timepass! Unfortunately for me, some other lovely lady already hammered this award on him. But heck, here is another one… Mr.Poh-puh-lar!
  5. Bakwaas ji: Now this is the guy they’ve been warning you to stay away from all your life. The guy you should never bring in front of your father. Bakwas ji makes it very clear with his blog name what he has to offer to interested readers. The guy is outrageous and outraged at many of the things happening in our ‘mahaan Bharath’ and loves to debate. I don’t like to debate, but I like the way he writes, even if it is a potential minefield of expletives. He is funny and honest to the point that he should ideally get banged on his head with this award!
  6. Viki: Star photographer of the Chennai Trekking Club! But alas, the hopeless guy that he is, he was wasting it all by uploading it on orkut! So we caught hold him and tried to put some sense into his head. This blog is the result. Although, he is yet to really start uploading his real good captures. Unleash your camera Viki, and strike us with thy magnificent shutter eyes!!!
  7. I thought for a really long time as to who this final victim should be. No amount of calculations and searches on the net delivered fruitful results. So even if the rest of the bloggers decry foul, I shall still do it. You get what you give! And im extremely grateful for the three great souls who considered me worthy enough for this award and would further like to express my gratitude by tossing it back at them. Ladies and gentlemen, this final award shall be shared between 3 outstanding bloggers!

All hail Dphat for a regular dose of ROTFL posts!

A standing ovation for Karsub! His very presence in the blogosphere is a darn blessing for all of us!

And a bling bling photo-shoot and autograph session for the very young and lively lil miss Damsel!


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