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squiggly tree

Caption courtesy the ‘chicken soup’ series of books.

This is not really a post, but more of a clarification to Miss Damsel’s question, “Whats that thingy up on the header?”

well my dear Damsel, that is Thoughton’s work of wonder! Its what happens when kids from small towns go to the big cities, get screwed up in their heads and then return to the peaceful setting of their homes for vacations, only to get riddled with excess freetime…

I’d been bored of my header image and wanting to get a new one for sometime now. It was Thoughton who stopped me midway and suggested that instead of just lifting images from elsewhere, I do something really whacky, like create an original work of er… art?, even if it turns out to be ‘toh-tah-lee’ un-inspiring! So my afternoon was spent on making this squiggly tree and terrorising it with a bunch of wandering stray clouds… And we had awesome fun doing it..

And thats not all… We’ve also decided that from here on, we’d come up with such original pieces of “whatever art for the whatever soul” regularly for our header image, every month!! 🙂

“Njyangale manasu alinjyu anugrahikkanam” (please melt your hearts and bless us!!!)


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There is a sense of calm, not a peaceful one, but a sort of calm with a heavier, more condensed emotion underneath. Like the excess cheese that oozes out from a seemingly harmless ‘thin crust pizza’. Heavy and sticky, you know all that cheese is going to just settle at the bottom of your tummy and lie in there, uncomfortably sticking to all of your innards, all through the night.

I’ve always loved the monsoons. That overly loud display of awesome power had me tingling with excitement ever since I was a little girl. But this time around, I sense a difference, a sort of gloomy silence, which makes me want to walk right upon that cloud and burst it out aloud. My neighbor’s kid can sulk better. Yes, that’s exactly what it is this time around. Its not raining, nature’s just sulking, all day long and all night long…. And it’s no fun at all…!!!

Thoughton: Amma is right. You’ve become a Tamizhathi!

Me: What? Now why would you say that?

Thoughton: Yea, look at you, all of Chennai is talking about you enjoying the monsoons in here and you are craving a hot scorch of your bum in the sun!!!

Me: No, I’m not. Im just saying this time around, there is something amiss. I want some action, some real drama. That’s what I had hoped to see… but this is like a bunch of amateurs totally screwing up the show. I wanna fling my 100rupee Pondi bazaar sandals at them…

Thoughton: Yea, but it’s been just two days. Maybe it’ll improve.. Let’s just not get all whiny already.

Me: who is whining? I aint whining

Thoughton: yes you are

Me: am not…

Thoughton.. Yea right! Btw, what’s that thing? I’ve been noticing it for sometime now..

Me: What thing?

Thoughton: That thing sticking up from your back?

Me: God, what’s sticking up from my back?

Thoughton: Hahaha, I think somebody done a sticky note on you!!!

Me: A sticky note? Why would anybody wanna stick up a sticky note on me? I got no enemies?

Thoughton: (rrrippp) Well lady, looks like you just have a secret loather!!

Me: what’s written on it?

Thoughton: It says.. “The girl with the head up in the clouds, YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED!

Me: Why that prick Karsub!!

Thoughton: Don’t you dare utter a word of disgrace against that nice ol boy young lady…

Me: (pooh) But I won’t do it!!!

Thoughton: You shall NOT ignore Karsub’s tag

Me: But he stuck it up behind my….

Thoughton: Stop complaining and start writing right NOW before I start pinching your brains…

Me: ………

(Fake smile) Ah so ladies and gentlemen, the thing with sticky notes as you already know is that you can’t really get it off you. When you manage to take it off your back, it gets stuck onto your fingers. And then you use your left hand to rip it off from the right. And then you gotta roll it around, all the while squishing it and then kill it before you can completely rid yourself of it…

I’ve also tweaked a few questions here and there coz I found them to be a little er, well, boring? So here goes…

Four Favorite things:

 Four places that I have lived in

Calicut, Coimbatore, Cochin and Chennai.

Four TV Shows I love(d) to watch


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Whats that lil robo girl’s show called? With an annoying freckled girl for her neighbour’s kid? Damn, I forget. But I used to watch it regularly.

I used to love watching “Surabhi” on Doordarshan

Four places I’ve been on vacation

I’m changing this question to: Four of the best places I’ve discovered during my childhood summer vacations:

The military barracks up the forbidden hill, where we discovered fox dens, sinister caves and the most beautiful of beaming blue skies…

The-three-storey high water tank in the apartment, a climb that got me grounded for a week!

A cycle trip to the beach through the fisher colony and dark alleys of Kozhikode with my two comrades in 6th STD. (A secret I had been hiding for the past so many years. Dead meat I am tonight!)

A full blown tour of the haunted construction site outside our apartment. I encountered a tiny ghost called ‘Guchi’ up a coconut tree, and developed a fear of sleeping alone ever since.

Four favorite food items

Puttu kadala, amma’s prawn fry, cheera (spinach) curry, medu vadai, rasam sadam…. Well there are just too many items. I wouldn’t know how to restrict it to just four of ‘em…

Four Websites I visit daily:

I don’t visit any websites regularly. Although, I do occasionally go to etsy.com, deviantart.com, 52prints.com and many more of such art based websites.

Four places I’d rather be.. I’m changing this question to:  Four places I’d like to visit:

The Himalayas

The Saharan desert

The Pacific islands

And the North Pole

 Four things I hope to do before I die:

Visit the Himalayas

Put on some weight

Adopt a mongrel puppy

And live happy

Four novels I wish I was reading for the first time

Eh, did you mean books I don’t mind reading over and over again? Then I must confess, I don’t like to read a book once I’m done with it. Although I can read Tintin, Asterix, The Coral Islands, and a lot of other books I read as a kid.

Four movies I can watch over and over again

Old Mohanlal+ Srinivasan/ Mohanlal + Jagathy movies

All animation movies

A few Tamil movies

And Pather Panchali

And now the victims of this tag:

Me: Whom shall we attack first?

Thoughton: Damsel’s behind obviously

Me: Shush, dont humiliate me so.. but she and philip have already been tagged

Thoughton: Ok then, lets sniff out some fresh meat. Lets tag the famed ‘Ice maiden

Me: You like her?

Thoughton: Oh yea!!

Me: Ok then

1. Ice maiden gets a sticky note

Thoughton: Next should be Bullshee. Lets stick it up his cuffs.. him and his fancy lil suit!!!

2. Bullshee watch out!

Thoughton: I wanna try it out on Ambareen and cool muslimah. I kinda like the kids… they have this innocent goodness about them…

So there… hope ya all find the sticky tags before others find it on you….:)

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….where he drags me to lie down and read when the summershine peeps in, and listen to the sound of music and sleep when it rains…. Today we are reading Rashmi Bansal’s “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”….

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