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Festive season for me is a time to go to the local market, watch all of the interesting activities there and then get really high on yummy home-cooked food. So there i was, plonked on the bed like a flimsy bag of stuffed corn, heavy on an assortment of delicacies from an original ‘Iyer veedu’, and on the verge of falling into a deep and relaxed siesta on Ganesh chathurthi day. Inside my tummy, kozhukkattais rolled and spicy ‘rasam’ burps made their way up every now and then. Looking out through the balcony door, watching the clouds drift againt the blue sky, I was a peaceful picture of contentment. That’s when this guy landed on the balcony and cawed for a piece of that peace.¬† So I broke a piece of ‘kozhukottai’ and placed it on the parapet for him to feast on, while I secretly filmed him on my camera….




And that’s another picture of contentment! ūüôā


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Ask me who are the fools??? And I‚Äôll tell you- ‚ÄėUs‚Äô.

‚ÄėWe‚Äô, who believe in the impossibility of things with more conviction than in the possibility of random events of the universe taking shape, and piecing together all on it’s own to make happen what we set out to do when we proceed to follow the song of our souls with a wee bit more of faith and courage.

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And if it weren‚Äôt for those two coconut heads who bounced about and craned their necks¬†in to come into the picture, I would’ve tried churning a real tear-jerking¬†tragedy out of this‚Ķ


drowning sun

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I wake up¬†at dawn on the¬†first day of August month every year with a hundred voices in my head. Voices that question me and judge me, throw ideas and force me out from my bed…. Voices that break my heart with memories of the past… Voices that remind me of the small yet significant details about my life… Voices that go off loud¬†like noisy alarm clocks… A hundred alarm clocks in my head that serve as reminders of the several birthdays of some of the closest friends I have on this planet….

August is a month full of birthdays… of few of my ‘bestestest’ friends… yes, including the very first one I had, whose hand I selfishly clasped without letting it go for a single second for fear of losing her…¬† The one with whom I grew up playing hopscotch… The one with whom I got drenched in the monsoons..¬† The one with whom i shared my first secret… The first gossip… and the first love story… The one with whom I bunked classes… The one with whom¬†I laughed out so hard i cried… The one with whom i learnt to share.. and care… To love and be loved… And with all of whom today, I discuss marriage and babies!!!

Its strange that even at a time when I knew nothing of star signs and birthdays, I was drawn to or drawn by August babies… Its weird, but true…. I was born to an August baby.. My dad celebrates his birthday today… And would you even believe me if i told you that¬†the¬†count¬†stands at 7? And every year, i have upon my slender shoulders, the task of coming up¬†with¬†7¬†brighter gift ideas than the previous ones and then putting in more working hours for realizing them….¬†Sigh!!! And yet, there is a part of me that also marvels at the workings of the universe…. How this seemingly insignificant coincidence suggests that some things are ¬†just meant to be, and work only¬†in a¬†way… like how they were designed to work…

So here I am once again, weepy eyed and with¬†a heavy heart (good heavy), counting my own age with the many¬†wonderful friends i have in my life¬†and looking through the lovely pictures of the past…¬†¬†exactly like¬†how¬†I’ve been doing it…. on the very¬†first day of August month, every year!!!

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