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Sat beside me this li’l fellah,

To lick his paw comfortable!

But on my feet he saw a li’l black buckle,

And at it he went all ‘wiggle wiggle’….

pondy pup

I am not exaggerating when I say I left a part of my heart there with him when I returned to Chennai from our trip to Pondicherry. He must be leading a very content life with sunny sandy beaches and hot chips and of course, the many leading ladies! He is probably chasing chicken from behind shacks  and winking at pretty women and distracting ’em, and helping himself to the extra large burgers and meat pies on their plates as I write this now…

But every now and then, I go back to this album and try to relive that moment, all the while asking… “Why, why oh why, dint I bundle you in my arms and bring you back home…?”


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‘Madhavi amma’, mispronounced and later christened by the kids as ‘Madhyamma’, died when I was in 10th std. She was the great nanny of the ‘Chengalam’ house, my ancestral home. She took care of my mom and her sisters when they were kids, and then became a nanny to me and my cousin sisters when we were kids. I remember waking up early in the Chengalam house and walking out with my eyes half open, with lots of sleep weighing down the unopened part of my eyelids. I’d walk upto Madhyamma, who would be sweeping the courtyard and demand to be lifted. She never resented it. She would pick and hold me with her left arm and sweep with her right. And I’d clutch her tight and dangle from her hip, and look down, to see the pattern the broom made on the ground….

I didn’t go for her funeral. But to this day, I remember her by this particular pattern in the sky. It happens whenever Madhyamma sweeps!


This post is lovingly dedicated to my mom, her two sisters and brothers and of course, Mathyamma….

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Remember the Indian Terrain ads? The one that had Kunal Kapoor sitting in smart Indian Terrain brand clothes against a small tea shack with ‘bondas’ and a little Indian girl on either sides? I loved the composition of those photographs (and the model Kunal Kapoor) so much that after it was released, I went ahead and gave them more publicity through my ‘word of mouth’.

But today, I have replaced ‘Kunal Kapoor’- the one guy worth every dribble of my drool from all of Bollywood, with something more real and ahem, more attainable- This!!!




I had to talk to the real owner of this pic for almost half an hour to convince him and put up an aggressive fight to fend off a few other claimants to wrench custody of this picture that has a similar feel of the Indian Terrain ads… Of course, one must be willing to understand that it was taken with the limitations of a phone camera without particularly any other intention than sheer visual pleasure.


I give the credit for this capture to the real guy who deserves it- Big daddy! Though it was not intended, the colours, the lighting and the blue walls have worked brilliantly to make it a well-constructed photograph. Also, I cannot stop looking at this charming lil guy who has posed for this picture with his ears all spread out… Aint he a real ‘chundu’?  


Talking about Indian terrain ads, I’d like to post one of my own pics in here under this category. Although, this one will only qualify for a ‘Fake’ Indian Terrain. 





This was taken during one of our CTC treks to ‘Yelagiri’ in Tamil Nadu. We had camped at a village at night and the early morning sunshine turned out to be a real inspiration when it brightened up and brought out the dormant colours of this quiet little village.


Hmmm, somehow this post has turned out to be all about Big Daddy. One picture was taken by him and the other has him in it. And they both have ended up being together under the same category in a post. Strange indeed!




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I found these fish-shaped glass marbles in an exhibition about two years back. I fell in love with them instantly and bought ’em without even bothering about whether they were worth the price or not.  But they were’nt much and I brought them home and soon was showing it to anybody who would care to look. (The ones who did’nt care to look were forcefully ‘showed’)  Some excalimed in delight,  some said sweet things and some just shrugged and walked away… I realised it didnt create as much fascination in others as it did in me… I stared for long minutes at each of the marbles, as they captured light into their own shiny transparent bodies and played with it. I lost track of time as i felt them smooth and beautiful in my palm. And then, i packed it safely, put it in a cover and ‘forgot’ all about it!!! Yesterday, while pulling out an old hand mirror from my shelf, they escaped from the bag and tumbled onto the floor…instantly creating the same delight it had created two years back when I got them…  Here are a few images of  them glistening in the morning sun…

As I struggled with my Canon Power shot camera, fluttering curtains, swaying branches of trees and the fickle-minded sun, all adding to the problem of ‘lighting’, my fishes posed patiently on an empty sheet of white paper.  

And this lil guy here is my favourite out of the whole lot!


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He s got the whole world in those smilin eyes...

Little boy from a fishing village, Marina beach, Chennai

My friends had this awesome birthday surprise for me. They got a couple of fisher folks (through a very dear old colleague of mine) to arrange a boat and go a few kilometers into the sea and take a dip. While waiting for this colleague and his friends, I tried to escape the sun and found shelter inside an auto that was parked nearby. I placed myself comfortably in the driver’s seat, but got startled suddenly when I felt something moving behind the backseat. I turned to find nothing. There was movement again… This time a little scared, I turned again to look behind me. The little monster ducked for a second time, but forgot to take his arm along. So I got up and took a peek behind the seat and found this little treasure there. And he had the whole world in those smiling eyes….

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