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He s got the whole world in those smilin eyes...

Little boy from a fishing village, Marina beach, Chennai

My friends had this awesome birthday surprise for me. They got a couple of fisher folks (through a very dear old colleague of mine) to arrange a boat and go a few kilometers into the sea and take a dip. While waiting for this colleague and his friends, I tried to escape the sun and found shelter inside an auto that was parked nearby. I placed myself comfortably in the driver’s seat, but got startled suddenly when I felt something moving behind the backseat. I turned to find nothing. There was movement again… This time a little scared, I turned again to look behind me. The little monster ducked for a second time, but forgot to take his arm along. So I got up and took a peek behind the seat and found this little treasure there. And he had the whole world in those smiling eyes….

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